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BTC HOUR TEAM company provides trust management of investment funds, trusted by third-party investors with the purpose of profit making for both parties concerned. In order to carry out stated investment plans, as well as to ensure stated returns on investment offers, BTC HOUR TEAM company allocates funds on Forex trading, making speculative operations with the major currency pairs and currency derivatives. Besides, the company is engaged in volatility and cryptocurrency trading, which allows you to earn not only on the difference in price between assets purchase and sale, but on the hedging of price or currency risk in time in the process of transaction. Our specialists have the opportunity to manage investment portfolio in the risk-free zone thanks to such trading method. The team of professionals is selected as a result of long-term trading practices on the largest world’s investment sites and it can easily cope with the tasks of any complexity. BTC HOUR TEAM activity is focused on ensuring the financial well-being of all participants of the investment process. All investors of our company have the same rights and opportunities to receive stable passive income.

Such factors as total safety of conducted trading operations, which is provided by long-term experience of our professional traders, play the main role in safety and reliability of investment transactions. We guarantee the profitability of all the investment plans. We value the business reputation of the company, have own technical and intellectual developments, conduct business in full conformity with international legislation England

When deciding on cooperation with BTC HOUR TEAM company you make the first step towards drastic change of your lives and lives relative people in a better way. Cooperating with our company, you create secure future for yourself. BTC HOUR TEAM Global Investment Fund provides each of you with the opportunity not only to save money, but also to make many of investment, as a result of long-term cooperation with us earn serious capital being totally passive. Being officially registered company, we plan to perform our business for many years on the world’s major exchange markets.

We know how to earn money and are willing to provide our customers with this opportunity as well. We create good luck and success by our own hands. Our team is ready to work qualitatively, reaching with new heights of prosperity and well-being together with our investors.

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